About Us

Established in 1922, the California Canning Peach Association is the nation’s oldest farm bargaining association. As a nonprofit farm cooperative, the CCPA is owned and directed by its member-growers and dedicated to serving their needs with a variety of services. Most importantly, the CCPA provides the leadership that safeguards the profitability and success of California’s processing peach industry.

Pricing Peaches

Since its inception, the California Canning Peach Association has been the acknowledged leader and innovator in cling peach bargaining and marketing. Each year brings its own set of problems and each year growers work together through the Association to arrive at constructive solutions.
Through raw product price establishment, the CCPA ensures stability in the industry and protects the value of a crop that growers have invested thousands of dollars planting, tending and harvesting. The Association strives to secure a price and home for every peach grown by its member-growers. Often, this means the creation of special marketing programs and the expansion into new markets.
Ultimately, the Associations pricing efforts also serve the processor segment of the industry. Through uniform pricing, all canners are ensured of receiving quality raw product and across the board, consistent prices. The association further simplifies canners efforts by acting as a clearing house for their fruit deliveries and overseeing quality issues in order to protect the canners brand and the sterling reputation of California cling peaches.

The Grower’s Advocate

The ability to successfully grow and deliver fruit at a profit is constantly being undermined. As an individual a grower has little chance of impacting the legislation, regulation, changing markets and fluctuating supplies that impact their business. Under the CCPA umbrella, however, peach growers effectively influence these issues, making their voice heard, their needs known and ultimately improving their position and ability to compete in the global market.


Strength, whether at the bargaining table, in a legislator’s office or in the market, is tied to the quantity and quality of CCPA members. As individual businessmen, CCPA growers protect and enhance their business investment through membership in the Association. Not only do they enjoy the added clout that can only be obtained by working with their colleagues in a farm cooperative, but they also enjoy a wealth of resources including the latest statistical information, industry news and analysis of related issues. This, plus the reliable support of a talented and trained staff of professionals, makes membership in the California Canning Peach Association a well- leveraged investment in their future.