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Established in 1922, the California Canning Peach Association is the nation's oldest farm bargaining association. As a nonprofit farm cooperative, the CCPA is owned and directed by its member-growers and dedicated to serving their needs with a variety of services. Most importantly, the CCPA provides the leadership that safeguards the profitability and success of California's processing peach industry.

The California Canning Peach Association is the only organization dedicated exclusively to improving the welfare of cling peach growers and the strength of California's cling peach industry.    From pricing issues to legislative concerns, the CCPA provides its members with the best means available to positively influence their futures.

Current Newsletter - September 2012


2300 River Plaza Drive, Suite 110
Sacramento, California 95833
Telephone: (916)925-9131
FAX: (916) 925-9030

Staff and Administration

Rich Hudgins, President & CEO
Tim Melchiori, Manager of Admin Services
Lee Tipton, Bookkeeper
Debi Earl, Secretary